3 Ways to Indulge Your Multiple Passions

3 Ways to Indulge Your Multiple Passions

It’s one thing to identify that you’re a multi-passionate person, but quite another to find a way to live a fulfilling life.

One of the pitfalls facing multi-passionate people is that regardless of how great their job is, and no matter how many hobbies they have, they still crave more and feel like they’re not doing enough for at least one of their passions.

Here are some ideas to consider if you want to indulge your passions in more creative ways.

1. Teach or tutor

If there is something that you’re good at and you love doing, why not share that passion with others?

It could be at a night school where you run a weekly paid class, or you could teach privately at your home. Even online teaching is a possibility for many disciplines, opening you up to clients all over the world!

If you’re feeling philanthropic then find a school, orphanage or youth group that you could contribute your time to.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, share your passion, and get a bit of a feel-good factor going.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to volunteering, but here are some ideas to add to the one above:

  • If you have an interest in old coins/books/antiques/vinyl etc. volunteer as a specialist valuator at a local charity shop to make sure they’re getting the most out of their donations
  • If you thrive at organising events, get involved with something going on locally
  • If you speak another language, offer to do some translations for a group you support
  • See if your local church/youth group/sports club could use some help from someone with your specialist skills

Once you start to look, you’ll probably find all kinds of ways to put your passions to good use. Find something that works with your current schedule, so that once you’ve made a commitment you’ll be able to stick with it for a while.

Volunteering might not be without its frustrations at times, but if you persevere you’ll find it thoroughly rewarding.

3.  Start or join a meetup or group

Wouldn’t you love to connect with some more people who share your passions? Check meetup.com and you might find that there is already a group of them meeting regularly just around the corner from you. But if not, you can start your own group.

What about a book group, a choir, a running club? Whatever it is that you love to do, doing it with others who share your passion will give you encouragement, support and a sense of belonging.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration for new ways to indulge your passions – or perhaps you’ll end up trying something completely new! I’d love to hear how you get on.

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