100% imperfect action- the best first step for a multi passionate person.

business passionBusiness coaches trainers & teaches have been saying for many years, find something you are passionate about and focus on that one thing. “Start a business focused on that niche and that’s how you become successful”

Now if you are multi passionate person then you are going to have a hard time with this and many of us have procrastinated and ended up never starting.

I believe that we have it all wrong. I believe that the multi passionate person has a huge advantage when it comes to starting a business and that it only takes a shift in attitude to realize this.

You see if you are multi passionate you can still focus on one area because even one area has a variety of ‘sub-areas’.

But let me just give it to you straight. If a multi passionate person stops being affected and afraid of this focused idea given out by the majority of short sighted gurus and surrender to the fact that they are different and that the accepted strategy may not be for them. Actually they have an advantage. Read on because you multi passionate’s (mp’s) may start to understand that if you dive straight into anything that you have the slightest interest in with one hundred percent perfect, ‘imperfect action’ you have just as much chance (if not more) to succeed than the single focused folk.

You have probably heard of this analogy: when a plane takes off and goes from A to B, 90% of the time the plane is off target and the pilot spends most of his time bringing the plane back onto course. The plane literally zigzags its way to the target destination.

I’m going to take that slightly deeper: when a plane takes off it could be in the completely wrong direction, but still gets to its planned destination. So as in a multi passionate person has an advantage over the ‘normal’ single focused folk.
Multi passionate people need to shake off the myth-like teaching that you can only succeed if you niche down and focus on one thing and realize this teaching was tailored and is true ONLY FOR single passionate types. Once the MP understand this and shifts their attitude the flood gates will open.

A multi-passionate (mp) can almost start any type of business and be satisfied. So it becomes a motivation just to start with 100% imperfect action and then adjust from there. The variety in this scenario is what mp’s thrive on and where others are likely to fall. Multi passionate NEED variety.

Mr Becker of the ‘uncaged life’ here, really could be put to shame. The blog rant really shows a total mis-understanding of people. The world has taken for granted that the teaching for the majority single focused folks is a ‘one rule for all’ , and the ONLY way to succeed.

This silly notion needs to be smashed. MP’s upto now have ‘failed’ not because they are procrastinating not because they are making excuses none of that. It’s because they have taken on board and believed/accepted the world’s ONEWAY view / wrong teaching.
Once this is understood the the multi passionate population can take the business world by storm.

So, to the coaches and to all the business trainers / gurus you may now change your approach for the MP’s and get more student success.

Encourage mp’s to pick anything that remotely interests them and get them moving. Once moving the mp power will kick in and enable them to adjust more swiftly than singe passionate folks (sp’s) who would normally fail in this strategy.

Show Mr. Baker that it’s not BS and it’s not an excuse and that all along mp’s have been trained incorrectly. Trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.

So, yes that’s right mp’s don’t have to settle on one thing and then try choosing a particular niche around that. It absolutely doesn’t apply to them. Now the mp is free to choose a business idea, ANY idea, take 100% action, and then continue to move forward and continuously adjust course toward a predetermined (although, adjustable) vision.

This is totally against the standard niche focused type strategy currently taught. But now we know that is only for single passionate people.

It just takes an attitude shift and a understanding that there is a distinction between sp’s and mp’s and not be afraid of your multi passionate ‘condition’ and just drive straight into virtually anything and be successful because of thirst for variety.

It is purely acceptance of who we are, and once accepted it becomes an advantage and the floodgates will open. Just like when it was accepted that a four minute mile could be done.. the flood gates opened and many who previously were unable to achieve this suddenly succeeded purely because of an attitude and belief shift.

So you single focused, single passionate people out there, get ready for some company.

Having many passions and being told to we have to choose one to start a business, up to now yes, has been used as an excuse not to start. But hopefully now you can see that you don’t have to choose one passion to start a business. Only the single focus person needs to do that. The mp’s who are the minority can now have the self confidence to start a business in virtually anything that there is even a remote passion for. The real passion comes in the variety that this brings.

It’s about attitude and all it takes is the right attitude and a DECISION. Whether you are single passionate or multi passionate this is one area that is common for success.

Get your attitude in order and then make a decision. Those are the two steps that everyone must take. Because if you make a decision based on all the best training in the world from the best teachers, gurus or coaches and you have the wrong attitude it doesn’t matter whether you a multi passionate or single passionate, it’s going to be very difficult to succeed if not impossible.. until you change your attitude. All comments are accepted only by email >> here