What is the Best Career for the Multi-Passionate Person?

What is The Best Career for a Multi-Passionate Person?

PassionIt’s nice to know that i am not the only one.

The ‘multi-passion’ quirk in me was ignited by my father.

He always told me from when i was thinking of surrendering to being a teenager, at 12 years old. He said to try as many hobbies and pursue as many interests as possible and you will find out what you enjoy the most.

Well, that’s exactly what i did and i found i enjoyed the complete variety and loved almost everything that i tried. One exception that i didn’t like was singing, although i was pretty good at it.

So, there i am at 13 years old…

  • – swimming twice per week;
  • – football (soccer for the ignorant) most days for 1 hour;
  • – Trombone practice 1 hour per day + playing weekly in a brass band;
  • – sailing once per week;
  • – table tennis with dad and bro’s 3 or 4 times per week;
  • – Building a hover craft as an after school activity. Eventually piloted our craft to the winning position at the Shell’s first ever schools hovercraft race on Pegwell Bay, Kent;
  • – Practicing magic 4 x per week.. My uncle was in the magic circle;
  • – Practised daily and perfected a memory course to memorize 100’s of objects in one sitting;
  • – Studied Hypnotism weekly.

I loved all these activities and became better than average in most and excellent in 2 (trombone and table tennis) But the fact is, i was hooked on variety.. it became my comfort zone.. to switch from one activity to the next.

They say that kids thrive on variety, it is where they find security.. and as we grow older we grow out of that way. Well maybe i just stayed in that ‘variety’ zone because to this day i still have many passions.

Yes there are some disciplines a multi-passionate person needs to learn if he/she wants to become really productive…like focus and persistency,  but on the whole i have loved the variety part of my life.

What i have found though is that i naturally tend NOT to seek employment in a 9 to 5 job.. i would literally go nuts if i had to go through to same rituals every day. I have experienced this twice in my working life.. i am now over 50 years old.

Best career For The Multi-Passionate:

I believe one of the best careers a multi-passionate person can have is to become an Entrepreneur. Why? Because you can take your pick to what subject matter you want to delve into. There are many other areas i would imagine that would work too such as actor, writer, designer… etc etc.. each of these careers has variety BUILT IN.
However i will say that you can probably create variety in whatever you do ….. it really does depend on your attitude to your situation.

I have owned and run a cleaning company, anti-aging business, web-design and SEO company and  had jobs as a Civil Engineer, Hydraulic Research officer, Land surveyor, logistics Dept. Head, Sales Director, Construction co-ordinator.

I love the freedom of having my own business. It comes with the knowledge that I am totally responsible for my own success.. i can’t blame anyone else. Taking responsibility for your own success or failure is a must as a multi passionate person. Actually it is a great trait to have just in general, because when you think about it… everything you do and everything you get out of life is due to the choices YOU have made. No-one else is accountable.

One of the areas i believe successful people are all good at is ‘delayed gratification’, and vision.

The knowledge that if you practice something long enough the rewards will come and having the results in your vision before you get there. Hope that makes sense.

Because a multi passionate person that does not have these traits will most probably not be very productive and productivity drives success.

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